First, the basic conditions of the dealer requirements

1. Have a good business reputation and business reputation in the local area, and can abide by the laws and regulations of the company and recognize the corporate culture and business philosophy of the head office.

2, have professionalism, have the enthusiasm for customer service, have great ambition and entrepreneurial innovation spirit. It has strong management and brand awareness for scar repair, has a team spirit, and has the concept of creating a brand-name and sustainable development with the company.

3. Have a more comprehensive understanding of the regional market and more than 3 years of experience in medical aesthetics. More perfect marketing concept and sufficient working capital;

4. Have a high-quality marketing team, perfect after-sales service personnel protection and loyal management team;

5. It can actively cooperate with the unified market operation of the head office, accept the management and guidance of the headquarters, and timely feedback market information to the headquarters.

6. Willing to accept the company's standard training. It is able to strictly implement brand standards, agency prices and terminal preferential policies according to company requirements.

Second, agent responsibility

1. The first batch of purchase amount and the company's three-month trial sales requirements must be met; the test sales agent must understand the company's products, and the trial sales period is three months (90 days of market development period).

2. Obey and implement the product sales price system formulated by the company, and never dump at a low price.

3. It is limited to the sales within the scope of the agent's franchise area, and may not be sold across regions or not.

4, can cooperate with the company to complete a variety of promotional activities and product pre-sale, sale, after-sales services.

5, unified obey the headquarters management, and actively maintain the company's terminal image and product image.


Third, the franchisees provide information

1. A copy of the legal person's "business license" or a copy of the personal ID card;

2. The address and telephone number of the reporting agent;

3. "Application Form for Franchise".

Fourth, agency support

1. Maintenance agent rights: Implement strict regional protection policies for agents. Only one franchise institution or direct sales store is set up in one area. The product is supervised and managed by a special person to prevent malicious goods;

2. Market operation guidance: Provide successful and unique market operation plan, graphic design copywriting, and market operation tips; the company regularly dispatches professional market supervisors to evaluate, inspect, and upgrade store operations, image display, and service specifications.

3, brand image propaganda: exquisite, complete terminal promotional materials (product color pages, brand brochures, terminal books, store image display, etc.);

4. Training service system: the professional treatment team guides the whole process and provides a complete technical training system;

●Join the conditions of independent legal person, perfect business and industry, tax registration, and related licenses.

Good social reputation, operational ability and sufficient funds to operate. Agree with the "free experience, effective payment" business model, provide a safe and effective ecological restoration program, and then decide whether to pay for treatment. Business philosophy and willing to accept unified training guidance from the headquarters, in accordance with uniform operating practices;

Follow the company's core values: "respect for sincerity, benevolent relief, seek truth from facts, focus on professionalism, self-confidence, mutual benefit, and excellence."

Have a solid entrepreneurial spirit, enterprising career and seek greater development goals;