Six principles:

1. Providing the required oxygen, the slowly released silicone oil can produce biological effects, soften the scar, and the skin pigment of the scar is gradually decomposed;

2, skin color polyurethane coating can effectively isolate UV light, shield bacterial invasion, reduce, dilute pigmentation, prevent skin cancer;

3, super self-adhesive constant pressure to reduce skin tension, promote the regular growth of collagen, soften smooth scars, no hyperplasia or depression;

4, close to the skin, good water storage and moisturizing function, limit water evaporation, reduce local capillary requirements, itching and pain relief;

5, specific electrical anion and magnetic field environment, create an ideal PH value suitable for skin self-repair, reduce bacterial growth, invasion of infection;

6, improve skin temperature, promote blood circulation, cell-to-cell communication, matrix ECM neatly arranged, conduct nutrients, promote the orderly growth of collagen;

Safe and effective:

Scar Clinic can repair some of the normal skin's self-healing scars, pure physics, no medicinal, no irritation, even for pregnant women and babies can be safely used;

The Scar Clinic has less water vapor transmission rate than half of normal skin, limits water evaporation, mimics some functions of the normal skin stratum corneum, and creates an optimal humidity, oxygen content, and magnetic field for skin self-healing. And negative ion environment, to prevent bacterial invasion and infection, shielding UV rays, effectively prevent pigmentation, reduce skin cancer caused by ultraviolet rays, and make the damaged skin a layer of barrier.

The Scar Clinic repairs the water in the stratum corneum. After the water is absorbed by the skin, it inhibits the regeneration of hair cells and reduces the deposition of collagen fibers. Reduce the pain and itching caused by dry skin on the scar. At the same time, the increase of water content in the stratum corneum of the skin can increase the permeability of water-soluble proteins and products in the interstitial, and rapidly spread, which promotes the softening and disappearance of scars. The unevenness of the unevenness is gradually softened, smoothed, and the pigmentation is gradually lightened and lightened, and the itching pain is alleviated. The best effect of Scar Clinic repair can be achieved by using the Scar Clinic immediately after the wound is healed.