Free trial of Kelly products

█ Note You must carefully read the activity process and specifications before registering.

█ Introduction

Scar Clinic is a scar repairing patch produced by Korea Hanshishengke (Co., Ltd.). The product has passed the US FDA certification, the EU CE certification, the Korean KFDA certification, the company's nasal prosthesis and special implant grade. Medical silicone is a household name in the global cosmetic industry. At the same time, it is also the only listed company in the plastics industry in Korea. The Scar Clinic also uses super-grade implantable medical silica gel. Registration number of the State Food and Drug Administration: National Machinery Injection into 2017 No. 2641110 / National Machinery Injection into 2018 No. 2142517.

█ Registration conditions

1. Surgical scars, keloids, traumatic scars, burn scars, hypertrophic scars, depressed scars, etc., and the scar area is less than 2 cm.

2. Must cooperate actively during the repair period and strictly follow the guidance of the Kelly experts.

█ collection steps

The first step: registration

Contact the scars official website expert QQ1954801752, you must fill in the registration information truthfully, and leave a message to indicate your scar condition (such as: how to cause scars, how long the scar formation).

Step 2: Upload a scar photo

Take one or more photos of your scars and upload them to the [Let's Chat] section of the Scars Community. When posting, please indicate the time of the photo.

Step 3: Invite 20 friends to register.

Please review the approved friends to refer to the following process to place an order:

█Other matters

1. If you encounter any problems in the activities, you can add QQ1954801752 consultation.

2.2 pieces of Kelly scar stickers provided free of charge for this event, can be used for about 30 days.

3. Friends who participate in the free trial activities must accept pictures and video shots of all processes of scar repair, and timely and objectively treat the treatment in the platform community;

4, all the right to explain belongs to the scar all said platform.

Tip: You can share your experience and repair experience often. The system will automatically send you points, you can redeem the products or gifts for free.

How to earn points: Click on the links below to view details

Warning: Be sure to read and follow the steps involved in this event, otherwise we have the right to reject your request for participation.